Elect Supreme Lemon Lime Jars 60 serv
Elect Supreme Lemon Lime Jars 60 serv
Elect Supreme Lemon Lime Jars 60 serv

Elect Supreme Lemon Lime Jars 60 serv

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Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme contains a broad spectrum of electrolytes, minerals and vitamins in each serving. Replenish and rehydrate your body by adding one scoop of Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme to your water for a refreshing and nourishing energy-boosting beverage.*

What can Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme help me with?*

• Replenish minerals, B-Vitamins, and electrolytes lost daily through sweat, urination, occasional diarrhea and exercise*
• Support healthy relaxed muscle tone and function*
• Support athletic recovery*
• Support steady energy production*
• Enhance hydration*
• Support proper fluid balance within cells*
• Support nerve impulses from nervous system to other body parts*

What makes Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme unique?

• Provides a broad profile of important minerals and electrolytes*
• Uses only the best ingredients in their active, bioavailable forms*
• Good source of active B Complex Vitamins to support energy production*
• Includes dimagnesium malate for superior absorption*
• Contains no sugar, so you can enjoy it guilt free*

Because plain water is just that...plain!

“Plain” drinking water, even bottled ""mineral water"", does not deliver the necessary quantity or balance of the essential electrolytes that your body requires for optimal hydration.* Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme provides a balanced combination of key electrolytes and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, sodium and potassium as well as important B Complex Vitamins in their active, bioavailable form to enhance energy production.*

Should I continue to take my Magnesium w/SRT in addition to Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme?

Yes. Although Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme contains 20mg of magnesium, it is not nearly enough to meet your daily requirements (too much magnesium in a powder form can cause diarrhea and stomach upset). Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme was carefully formulated to provide balanced electrolytes to enhance hydration and add back the nutrients that plain water lacks that your body requires throughout the day.*